Farmer’s Market Diet

Eat More Locally Grow Food

The Farmer’s Market Diet means eating more fresh produce, preferably what is grown locally. Common sense tells me that a carrot pulled from the ground and eaten within hours would be more nutritious than one harvested and shipped halfway around the world.

Adam Drewnowski, Ph.D., director of the nutritional science program at the University of Washington, in Seattle said, “I see every cancer specialist in Seattle at the farmer’s market each week. That should tell you something.”

Here in Vancouver, Washington we have a very nice Farmers Market, which recently opened their indoor market. Check if your town has a farmers market and then go on down and visit. It’s fun, you get fresh air and free smiles.

In other words, fresh food is healthy food. One way to experiment is with baby vegetables. These are not different varieties, rather they are picked before they are fully mature, meaning they are sweeter and less fibrous in texture than their full-grown counterparts, besides, they’re just plain cute. If you’ve seen baby corn, you know what I mean.

Try some of these baby vegetables, or if you have a small garden space, grow your own miniature vegetable garden.