EFT Weight Loss Can’t Get Over Shame of Over Weight

A client wrote, “This program (One More Bite 8-Week Workshop) has helped me a lot with some of my anger and my fear but I just can’t get over the shame of my body.”

My reply: Oh, yes you can. Just write that down as one of the issues you’re going to work on. “Shame of my body.” Use one of the One More Bite EFT worksheets, (included in the 4 pg. handout from Session 1). Rate the level of shame you feel from 1 to 10, and for the next week, do a round of EFT, morning, noon and night, for at least a week straight. The worksheet is helpful for tracking changes, so if you rate it as a 9 on a scale of 1 to 10, and later you rate it as a 4, that shows you are making progress. Later you may see how a big issue has turned into a small one, or disappeared completely.

Ideas for EFT Statements for Shame

“Even though I can’t get over the shame of my body, I deeply and completely accept myself.”

“Even though I really mean it! I CAN’T GET OVER the shame of my body, I deeply and completely accept myself.”

Here’s an option: Instead of the “Even though,” you can simply start talking: “I feel so horrible I can’t stand it; I choose to feel lighter. First say the problem, then what you’d rather have, be or do. “I _____, I choose _____.”

“I feel a deep sense of foreboding like something awful is going to happen if I let go of my shame. I choose to release this shame.”

“I feel dread like I’m in a deep well ad can’t get out. I choose to climb the invisible ladder to freedom.”

“Even though I feel so horrible I can’t stand it, and I choose to feel lighter.”

You said, “I just can’t get over the shame of my body.” Think of the shame of your body as a hurdle to get over. Picture yourself running towards this hurdle and wham–you run straight into it. Now, notice other runners are adjusting their hurdles to the height they can jump, so you do the same, only you are going to adjust yours to be just a couple inches off the ground. Baby steps. Now, run at it again. Hop right over it this time, and then look back and see, you did get over it, didn’t you. 😉

When you’re ready, adjust the height of your hurdle a bit higher, and go at it again. You’ll still make it. You can get over this hurdle. Just close your eyes and imagine this scene, once, twice or more.

Most of us had flying dreams when we were kids. Mine were spectacular in that I could run from danger and then just take off into the air. It made me feel quite powerful and safe, and even though I knew it was a dream, it still gave me a knowing smile during the day. Sometimes I tried it while awake too, just in case it was true.

Tonight before you go to sleep, tell yourself, “I can get over any obstacle I choose,” and don’t forget you have options. Perhaps a tunnel can be dug through it, perhaps you can go around it, or under it. You’re not stuck with going over, if you don’t want. Keep your eyes open to possibilities and magic can happen.

Give yourself a chance to imagine, “what if I could get over it?” till next time eat well, be happy, enjoy life and send in your questions and comments, at any time.