EFT Helps Weight Loss Surgery Success

If you’ve tried everything and cannot lose weight, turning to surgery may be an option.

If you first work on the emotional reasons for your eating and get some resolution to the many aspects that make up your present eating behaviors, then your chances at success are increased 100%

There’s much more to weight gain and weight loss than just what we are eating. I belive it is why we are eating. Do you eat when you are sad? How about mad? For me anxiety seems to send me off to the kitchen like the space shuttle liftoff. And once you’re propelled in motion, it’s hard to put on those brakes.

Start by learning to use EFT, the Emotional Freedom Technique. You can get basic introductory materials on using EFT for weight loss here, and you can also download the entire EFT manual for free on Emofree.com. It is not difficult at all to learn, but if you have questions or want pointers, sign up for The Daily Bites where I give examples in using EFT using real-life events (some mine, some others).

Weight loss surgery usually involves a period of euphoria when you awaken a changed person. Hunger is gone (that’s because you’re still drugged), and your ability to eat is so modified, there is no question you feel full on very little. Soon enough though you begin to watch TV and see some commercials for your old familiar favorites, and then what happens? Those stomach juices start to gurgling and you’re in the throws of real hunger once again, yet, there is not a thing you can do about it. You cannot eat, especially if you recently ate, or you’ll suffer serious consequences (I won’t go into that here).

It’s enough to say, that overeating is simply no longer an option, so putting a lid on those desires before the fact makes more sense. Even if you’ve already had surgery, it’s not too late, but if you’re pre-surgery, it’s much easier to start now.