Use EFT When Nothing’s Going Right

Some days you have everything working in your favor, you can do no wrong, and other days on your way to a job interview you step in a puddle, your nylons run and you lose the heel of your shoe. It can’t get any worse and then the IRS calls leaving an “urgent” message on your voice mail. Some days just don’t go as well as others, but it doesn’t mean the whole day is bad – it’s just a bad moment. Stop characterizing your entire day by your morning. Stop telling yourself before 8:00 AM, “This is going to be a lousy day,” because that’s a lousy message to feed yourself. Whatever messages you give yourself is what you’ll then carry out, right? Give yourself better messages.

If this morning has been pure crap, then it’s going to be better from now on, and what if it isn’t? What if it keeps getting worse? When you finally leave work exhausted, your tire is flat, you don’t have a spare, when you finally get on the road there’s a huge traffic jam, you notice you’re almost out of gas, and you suddenly realize you need a bathroom? What then? Isn’t that a crap day? Can I now tell myself, this day is horrible? No, sorry.

Instead, wonder aloud, what good is going to come of this? What is going to happen, that wouldn’t have happened otherwise, had it not been for these delays? Will you meet a good Samaritan at the service station who will gift you with a new car because he just won $20 million in the lottery? You never know. Maybe you’ll glance into that puddle to find a floating lottery ticket that turns out to be a $1000 winner. You never know where you’ll find your good fortune, so keep your eyes and ears open for opportunities. Dwelling on the negative only gives you more negative. Dwell on the potential. Expect to receive good things and good things will start to come your way. It’s true. Try it for a week, and let me know if I’m wrong.

I’ve lived my life expecting good things and if nothing else it’s kept me a happier person. I’m no saint. I just don’t envision that everyone is out to annoy me. Most people are focused on their own happiness, you just got in their way. There are only a few folks who really enjoy tormenting others (Simon on American Idol comes to mind). The rest of us just do it by accident. 😉

EFT Ideas For When Things Just Aren’t Going So Great

“Even though I hate this day, I deeply and completely accept myself.”
Reminder: “Hate today”

“Even though nothing is going right today, I deeply and completely accept myself.”
Reminder: “Nothing going right”

Why does EFT help? It reduces the stress and anxiety associated with the energy flow of negativity that sets up when a series of bad events (or sometimes even a single event) happen. It helps. Once the anxiety is reduced, you can take a deep breath and see more clearly to find your good fortune. After the stress dissipates you won’t feel so much like stuffing yourself to get away from this uneasy feeling. You won’t need to anymore because the feeling will already be gone.

Get free EFT instructions: How to use EFT for Weight Loss. EFT is used for weight loss by tackling the emotional issues that cause you to overeat for instance. There are so many different reasons why we do as we do. EFT helps you achieve the results you want without years of expensive psychotherapy to “figure it all out.” With EFT you don’t have to know why, you just know it works.