Eat What You Want to Lose Weight

If you have a particular food craving, you should have that food. Not three other things to make the feeling go away, but that exact food. If you cannot have that exact food, then catalog it for later, and have something similar, such as if you want something crunchy and salty, find something else that’s similar in taste and texture.

If you expect to only want what is “good for you” you’re setting yourself up to fail. You’ll obviously want other things. Just today I wanted nuts, badly. So I ate nuts, plenty of nuts. Handfuls of nuts. Far more than I’d normally eat if I were in my natural state but this was a craving, and sometimes a craving needs to be satisfied.

I visited the nut jar several times during the day. So how do I feel now? Great. Satisfied. Excellent. I ate the nuts, I’m happy, not damaged, not ruined.