The Dry Cleaners Shrunk my Pants Again!

Shrunk jeansShortly after Christmas I went to wear my favorite jeans – the green pair (I’m a redhead so I can wear green jeans if I want), and to my dismay I found they were suddenly too small! Now, how’d that happen? I’d owned them for a long time and washed them numerous times but my thoughts quickly flew to, “That stupid laundry. I must have used hot water or something. Dang.”

Isn’t it curious how we place the blame for things like clothes that won’t fit on someone or something else? It’s never our fault. Not that our body has expanded. Oh, no. That couldn’t be. The denial regarding our own habits is astonishing.

The Clean Clothes Diet

Slowly, without thinking about it, I melted off those extra pounds and inches, and now the pants fit again. Wonder of wonders, isn’t the magic of laundry fantastic? I call it the clean clothes diet. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn’t.

Now that we’re into February those excuses blaming holiday eating are done. If you gained a little weight (or failed to lose any) over the holidays, get over it. It’s done. Today is a new day. Don’t waste one moment thinking about why or what you should have done – the “blame game” gets you nowhere fast.

Instead, use what you’ve learned (that is, what didn’t work) to go forward with your new plan and find what does work. Plan to start today, and work on today only. It’s great to have long-term goals but they are always accomplished by taking little pieces and working on them one at a time. By creating a strategic plan, and working it, step-by-step things get done. That’s how the U.S. built the Mars Rover. We reached the stars by taking it one day at a time, and that’s how you’ll reach your weight loss goals.

One Day at a Time: One Bite at a Time

I wore those green jeans yesterday and they still fit so I wasn’t dreaming. (This isn’t Mr. Green Jean’s jeans, but plain old green jeans). It’s the magic of healthier habits. Some years I don’t gain weight during the holidays and others I do. You are not like the Mars Rover being guided through life with someone else at the controls. You are holding the controller. It’s your choice what you eat every day.