Drop a Load – No, not in the toilet!

Targeted Google Ads Not so Smart

Google is pretty simple minded, I’ll tell you. I wrote a post in my other blog, Katy’s Morning Rant, (my personal place for just dropping bits of info as I find them), and I posted about a site called DropLoad.com where you can post a large file rather than sending it via e-mail. The funny bit were the Google ads that popped up; all about toilets! Drop a load = toilet ads? Google, you slay me.

Update: Apparently DropLoad was too popular and went the way of the other Web sites with zero revenue. Buh, bye!

Alternatives to try include JetBytes and SentuIt. Try these instead of emailing someone 20mb of photos.

What’s this got to do with weight loss

It’s about distraction, pure and simple. Keep busy. Find something that’s so interesting, you forget to eat. It happens. If you are working and find you keep wanting to go to the kitchen, it may be you are either anxious, bored or both. I know when I get involved in a project, I don’t think about stopping, in fact, sometimes I get hungry but don’t want to stop what I’m doing, and guess what? Hunger leaves for a time. It returns later, but you won’t drop dead if you miss hunger’s call now and then.