Does Phone Hell Make You Eat?

Here’s the thing: If you want to call and ask a question, say, “What’s the mailing address?” and you telephone your credit card company, chances are you’re going to be faced with an exchange something like this:

Company: “You have reached your Best Credit Card Company.” We really care so much about your business that we’ve given you a bunch of crappy options, none of which are what you want, but listen up anyway. If you want … press …” and it goes on and on, never saying anything remotely close to what you want.

You: Arrrrgggggghhhh!

You may now experience a compelling desire to chew something, so off you go to get a snack.

That’s because frustration creates an upset in the system (your system) and your brain then wants to make things right so it goes over what you’ve done in the past to make yourself feel better and voila! Choice No. 1 is eat something.

You can change this by using EFT on the frustration itself, “Even though this is driving me crazy, I deeply and completely accept myself.” Get the free EFT instructions for weight loss if you don’t already know how to do EFT.

In the past you could bypass these telephone annoyances by hitting “0” for Operator, but that’s not the case today. Sometimes that only gets you a, “That is not a valid response,” and you feel like you’ve just been chastised by a friggen computer. Thanks to Paul English’s Interactive Voice Response (IVR) Cheat Sheet you can now quickly get a human being on the line. They may not speak your language, but it’s a start.

Two big thumbs up for Paul English! Yahoo. Useful websites. What a concept. I’ll bet he never thought his website would be considered a weight loss tool. 😉