Does it Work? Fat Mat, Removes Fat & Calories

Picked up a “Fat Mat” at the bakery supply for no good reason except it looked cool. What’s a Fat Mat? Glad you asked. It’s sort of a heavy-duty reusable paper towel, but more expensive and had a nice package. I picked one up at the bakery supply for no good reason except to satisfy my required “impulse purchase” quota for the day.

It could be months before I’ll have an opportunity to test the Fat Fat, so I went looking to see what others had to say (I should have done this first). Today’s my lucky day because I found Does it Work? a regular segment at KCBD News Channel 11 in Lubbock, Texas. Wow! Now this is quality broadcasting. Useful. Timely. I love it!

I don’t know about you but I’ve been duped by that “As Seen on TV” crap time and again. How many times I’ve bought something, took it home, it didn’t work, only to find you can’t return it to the store, oh, no, it’s only returnable to the manufacturer, and guess what? It costs money to ship merchandise. Yes, indeed. They know they’ve got you because who’s going to spend $5 to ship off a faulty product then wait around to see if you ever see either it or your money back? Not me. So when someone else does the testing, well that’s top notch, quality reporting in my world, and I tip my hat to those brave folks at KCBD.