Does Eating Farmed Fish Cause Increased Appetite?

This just in from the “Dumb and Dumber” files: Scientists have developed a chemical being fed to farm bred fish which, get this, causes them to be so hungry they will eat anything. Since regular fish feed is expensive, this is a way to save money because the fish will then eat anything at all. Typical science gone mad, but what happens when we eat the fish? Do we then get a dose of these chemicals? l don’t want an uncontrollable appetite, thanks anyway, Mr. Scientist.

There has long been a clear distinction that what animals eat, we eat. Certain plants that cows ate were found to cause illness in humans, so they moved the cows away from the plants drawing an obvious conclusion that what the cows eat, we eat. Why then do they continue to debate whether chemicals given to the cows, chickens and now fish we eat get into our bodies? It’s not rocket science people!

If you wonder why girls are developing breasts at 8-years old, look to the milk. Cows have been given growth hormones for decades, and now our little girls are maturing at an accelerated pace.

The amount of hormones, antibiotics and other chemicals given to animals in our food supply is appalling. Feed lot pens are sprayed with pesticide to keep away the flys, which filters into the noses, and onto the skin of the animals. It’s not safe to walk in your backyard after they spray pesticides, yet apparently the FDA believes it’s fine for us to eat cows and chickens that have lived bathed in a daily mist of those same chemicals?

And now they are going to introduce a chemical which enhances appetite to fish? Do these scientists all hold a degree from Cracker Jack?

Just say no to farm bred fish. You can also buy your meat from a local butcher who is likely obtaining his meat from a local farmer, most of whom do not use these practices. It is the large farms that use the worst feed and the worst processing conditions. Avoid that and you may just avoid a lot of the side effects from eating chemical laced foods. Think about it.