Diet Candy: Slim Pops Slim Your Wallet too!

Okay, so what happens if you try to lose weight by using a “candy” every time you get a craving for something else? That doesn’t seem too smart to me – how are you going to learn better eating habits by sucking on lollypops all day?

These little beauties come in at a reported 64 calories with 14 grams of sugar/corn syrup and 16 grams of total carbohydrates. Yikes! Low carbers, watch out for these, and anyone interested in reducing their sugar intake as well. Who does that leave? Kids?

Just like Ayds Candies, the idea of popping a treat supposedly to “curb” your appetite is as old as the hills. Obviously you’d curb your appetite – you just ate something. I’d think the Ayds idea was better though. They at least had you also drink something warm – which would fill you up a little more, plus give you a warm, comfy feeling. What good is a sucker?

I love that they suggest having four or five a day. That’s nice – let’s get em hooked on our suckers and then we’ll see just who’s the sucker and who’s the suckeree.

You can have 150 of these bad boys for a mere $168 – that’s a one-month supply at the suggested consumption of five a day. Seems a bit steep for candy, but that’s just me.