Dark M’M’s OR How to Make Candy Depressing

I finally found some “dark” M&M’s; a not easy feat in itself. I’ve been looking for them for weeks. So, I get my prize home and tear it open only to find … the colors. They are so horribly depressing you might as well eat dirt.

Don’t they get it in M&M’s land? It’s the colors stupid! How could they not know it’s the deep dark brown package and the bright, vibrant colors that I love so much, not the stupid candy. The candy, frankly tastes like, er, I don’t know, sort of stale? I’ve never liked the taste of M&M’s but the colors, that’s another story.

Did anyone buy the white ones? That was doubly-dumb I thought. Who wants an anemic looking candy?

So, I’m not happy with this flavor at all. The taste is reminiscent of the sugar-free posers, and that’s not good either. I’ll stick with the regular.