Crustless Bread for the Kiddies

“First ever crustless bread goes on sale in the UK”

I was just going to write about crustless bread when this news item caught my eye:

My theory is that good mommies the world over carefully cut the crust from junior’s sandwich, lest me may choke (who knows why they do it, but they do). Then forever more, that’s how junior knows mommy loves him. She takes care of him. She takes the trouble to cut those nasty edges right off and leave him with prestine pasty white bread.

Trouble is, the kid develops a weirdness that he or she doesn’t like the crust, when in reality, it’s a comfort thing. That’s my theory. Take it or leave it.

Food Business review goes on to say that apparently many kids believe eating bread crusts makes your hair curly. I was told eating burnt toast made your hair curly as my mom stood at the kitchen sink and scraped off the burnt part with a knife. Whomever is the authority on bread and curly hair, please give us the straight (or curly) scoop.