Chocolate Tasting Party

The Well Duh! Report

Just about everything I read in research journals and in the news makes me say, my “Well, duh!” Henceforth I’ll be providing my “Well Duh! Report.”

To think of the millions of dollars wasted on researchers going back and forth with these gems:

1. Dark chocolate is good for you. That’s good to know but why is it some say dark chocolate is good, but yet others say apples are bad? Whatever happened to common sense? The truth is, dark chocolate in its natural state is good, i.e. no added sugar. Turn it into a confection and you’ve got a different animal.

For fun, go to or hold your own chocolate tasting party. Chocolate lovers are just as discriminating as wine experts.

Learn more about chocolate at the Chocophile blog, check out EGullet for tips on getting a chocolate tasting kit, and drop by SeventyPercent to learn all about chocolate.

Naturally all that reading about chocolate might make you a bit hungry, so don’t forgot the EFT. EFT helps you learn to eat chocolate like a pro! I love chocolate and have it frequently, but I rarely eat a whole bag of anything and one or two pieces (depending on size) is just about perfect.