Chocolate Cheese: Does Asia Needs More Heart Disease

Okay, at first I thought yuck, and then I realized, wait a minute! I love cheesecake and how’s that different than this new chocolate cheese product? The New Zealand dairy company, Fonterra, has a mission to “re-define cheese.” Uh, okay.

They are presently targeting Asia as there isn’t enough heart disease there as of yet I suppose. They suggest cheese is a good source of protein but they don’t mention the calories, fat or whatever else this swell new snack food contains. I searched and couldn’t find an ingredient list, so I don’t know if they sweeten Chesdale chocolate cheese slices, but I’d be willing to bet they do, else they’d taste horrible.

I don’t see any way to get a sample so can’t say for sure. If you’ve tried Chesdale Chocolate Cheese, please let me know.

Here’s one news report from Nutra USA talking about Chesdale Chocolate Cheese.