Capital One Credit Card Rip Off Diet

Deal With These Idiots and You’ll Lose Your Appetite

Here’s a way to lose weight; get ripped off by Capital One, then when you try to call and straightened it out you’re told, “That’s Capital One’s policy.”

I paid by balance in full and my statement showed a finance charge for purchases and cash which is odd since I did not have any cash transactions. I paid the balance in full anyway so it should not have been there.

According to Capital One you must pay your balance in full two business cycles in a row before you get the “benefit” of no finance charge. What that means though is you are going to be charged a finance fee for month one, the first time you pay your balance in full, then again for month two, then finally come month three, now they’ll give you the benefit of no fee. Anyone hear of this before? So when I wanted to know my account balance so I could pay the account off and close the sorry deal, I was told, “It changes daily because you’re still incurring finance charges.”

So, basically these ass-wipes are ripping me off and probably every single client out there so check your statements. If you’re being charged finance fees unfairly, call and cancel your business. There’s plenty of other companies out there more than happy to get your dollars.

No doubt I’m going to get a bill for a couple of dollars and each time I send that to pay it off I’ll get another one with a few more cents.

I suggest not doing business with Capital One if you want to keep your sanity, but if you’re like me and lose your appetite when you get upset, then it’s a great way to lose some weight this weekend