Can Cellulite Be Cured?

Heard of TriActive LaserDermology? Neither have I. Apparently they say you can rid yourself of cellulite (that dimpling of fat near the skin’s surface) by receiving treatments with this new gadget.

TriActive Laser Dermology states, “It attacks cellulite three ways:

  1. First low energy laser light penetrates the skin, enhancing blood circulation and softening the connective tissue; er, okay, then
  2. Deep-tissue massage (this is helpful, but hey, fingers do a good job) stimulates blood flow and drainage; and
  3. Cooling effect (what exactly is that) that shrinks fat cells (oh, really?) and lessens swelling (from the other treatment effects?).”

This doesn’t sound like fun to me. Tell me, why are people willing to pay such a high price for so little when they could just eat better and probably achieve the same result? It takes six to 12 treatments at a cost from $75 to $150 each, so we’re looking at a low of $450 to a high of $1,800 ?! Oh, my. That’s astonishing.

I’m checking but can’t really see much difference between the before and after shots. Plus, if it’s after six to 12 weeks well they could just have eaten better and gotten more exercise, so what do you think? Bogus or real thing?

Almost forget, they recommend a follow-up once a month treatment so you could be looking at a $150 a month maintenance fee.

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