Brazilian Diet Pills – Scam Alert

Everyone Wants a Diet Pill

Take this pill and lose weight and all is well with the world, only one problem: they don’t work. Sure, you can lose weight with prescription diet pills, a little bit that is, but at what cost?

All a scammer has to do is claim to have a diet pill that helps you lose weight and people start throwing money. The claims aren’t true, and the companies are usually short-lived because they know they are breaking the law by making false claims yet they persist.

“This diet pill really works! Take one in the morning and tomorrow you’ll be 10 pounds lighter!” “Eat whatever you want!” “No effort.” blah, blah, blah.

If there really were a pill that effectively killed your appetite, would you still eat? Think about it. Do you eat now with no appetite? Sometimes? Okay, that’s my point. Appetite suppresants only work if you are paying close attention to your hunger signals. Eat when hungry, sleep when tired. Good advice.

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