The Atkins Diet is Busted

Atkins Nutritionals Inc, has filed for bankruptcy protection with $301 billion in assets against $325 billion in debt

Woe is me, who’d a thunk? The whole idea of those ridiculous “low carb” bread and “low carb” pancake mix and other offerings they shoved on an unwary public were laughable to start, but thinking people would buy them more than once was just ridiculous beyond belief. If they haven’t gone so crazed and had just introduced a few good products, all would be well, but noooo. They had to get greedy. Had to try to “low carb” everything, including foods that are high carb by nature and design (bread for crying out loud).

And so it goes. Diets come and go and Atkins rein was doomed with their introduction of low carb world. Up until then he’d enjoyed more than 30 years of fame. Now he’ll be remembered mostly by his failed products (nothing’s worse than seeing your products at 50% discount and still no one is buying) and his untimely demise with subsequent controversy over his condition when he died. It’s sad, really.