Artichokes for Weight Loss

High Cholesterol Helped with Artichoke

Alpine Pure announced today the launch of its Artichoke, Echinacea and St. John’s Wort herbal supplement product line in the United States. The product that caught my eye was Artichoke because they state it promotes improved liver function, stimulates fatty acid and cholesterol metabolism, and relieves flatulence and feelings of fullness.

Relieves flatulence? Who wouldn’t want that? They said “feelings of fullness” in the same sentence as relieves flatulence so I’m not sure what’s the implication? Does it relieve feelings of fullness or promote it? Not too many of us want a product to relieve the feeling of fullness. Guess I better put on my investigator’s cap and go find out.

Does Alpine Pure’s new Artichoke dried fresh plant juice help with lowering cholestorol and weight loss? We can find out soon enough as they say their new line of products is coming to health food stores in the U.S., and if anyone in Europe who has used these products is reading this, please let me know results you’ve achieved.