I Hate Paying An Entry Fee to Websites

Annoying Sites that Make You Pay

I just got burned again. I’m reading an article and it talks about some newsletter, with a link, so there I go to check it out, and guess what? When I take the link it says, “You have to subscribe,” and it’s $39 a year. Thanks, but no thanks. I haven’t even read a thing and they want me to pay? That’s ridiculous.

Check out OneMoreBite-Weightloss.com for contrast. Lots of weight loss articles, free e-books, and The Daily Bites, an entirely free mailing two or three times a week with mini lessons in using EFT for weight loss. I’ve had many people tell me they lost weight just by reading The Daily Bites and that’s rewarding to say the least.

His stuff might be liquid gold, but I’ll never know because he doesn’t even show one single back issue on his site. Message to those site owners: Put some content on your sites. Oh, the article title I couldn’t read because I didn’t want to pay $39 for the privilege? It was “Miracle Nutrient that Helps any Diet Burn Fat Faster.” Good title, but guess I’ll never know the answer.

My message to that site owner and any others who employ this tactic, read my article:

Miracle that Helps any Website Make More Money

Chapter 1: Put content on your site.

The end.