Amazing Weight Loss Photos

I’m trying to make a post using some new fangled gadget called “Hello” from Picasa. I’m not having much luck, so if suddenly the same post appears about six times, I apologize in advance 😉

Okay, so far so not good, so here is the photo I’ve been trying to post via Hello (Hello is a new fangled program that supposedly lets you post images easily to your blog but I’m having a wee bit of trouble getting it to work)

Amazing Weight Loss Pics

This is so friggen ridiculous I can hardly type! THREE WEEKS! Right… if you believe that, maybe you should come see a bridge I have for sale?

No friggen way! I hate this kind of thing. I also hate the before shots that look perfectly fine, like some skinny chick trying to stand with bad posture and her stomach all stuck out, or maybe it a size too small outfit, then her amazing transformation! Skinny to skinnier still. Real motivating. I wish they’d just use real people for a change. Anyway, if you see this photo out in the wild, buyer beware.