When Art Gets Fat

OMG, David! You’ve Let Yourself Go

Saw this on Facebook and trying to find a reference I discovered Eternally Cool. “EternallyCool.net is Rome’s hip hub – here you can keep up with all that’s happening in the world’s oldest and coolest city. From art to food, from fashion to furniture, from advertising to literature, and from street life to art exhibits, we’ll keep you up on everything that makes Rome eternally cool.”

Apparently this statute, and another of Lincoln grown fat just sitting all these years in his chair at the Lincoln Monument for too long, was part of an advertising campaign by Advertising Agency: Scholz & Friends, Hamburg, Germany

Food Porn: Not Your Daddy’s Banana Bunker

Gotta love the Banana Bunker. This nifty gadget has all the earmarks of porn, but it’s functional. All kidding aside, the Banana Bunker allows you to take the King of Fruits wherever you go with no worries about crushing, mushing, or generally making a mess. Banana Bunker
I’m talking about bananas. Now you can carry one in your bag, keep it in the car (of course it’ll ripen fast if it’s warm), even toss one in your briefcase. Going camping? Got bananas? The Banana Bunker completely protects your banana in a hard plastic sleeve resembling a … well, picture a banana and you’ll get the idea.

If you can keep people from laughing and telling bad jokes, this is a real weiner, er, winner. I got one in every color.

For weight loss, carrying a piece or two of fruit for those “I’m starting to get hungry but it’s two hours until dinner” times is a great way to get more nutrition, and stave off the cookie grab. Nature made fruit sweet for a reason.

I use my Banana Bunker. It works and they always get a laugh so it’s two-for-one.

Dumb Weight Loss Product: Anti-Eating Face Mask

I Bring You the Anti-Eating Face Mask!

In the words of Dave Barry, “I am not making this up.” Someone patented this device; a mask you wear on your face so you wont’ eat. Sheesh. Great plan. Probably the same team who thinks a chastity belt is a good idea. Why not just lock yourself in an empty room. That’d be effective too, and wouldn’t cost much. Hey, maybe someone should patent that?

The patent doesn’t mention what happens if you take the mask back off. Here’s a link to actual patent for the Anti-Eating Face Mask, if you’d like further details.

Now Practice Safe Fruit: Prophylactic for Bananas

This just in from the I’ve Seen it all Now Department: A protective sleeve for bananas called the Banana Bunker. I saw this in The Daily Candy, an ultra cool food blog, natch.

Everyone knows the pesky problem of toting bananas in your backpack; they get squished and squashed and frankly, are no fun to eat when smeared everywhere, so this genius inventor, Paul Stremple, Artist/Inventor/Architect decided something must be done, and voila! Instead better mousetrap.

The Banana Bunker looks just like a … well a …. banana? Yep, that’s right. It’s protective gear for that favorite of fruits: BananaBunker.com

This is sure to become an instant cult favorite.