Worst Ripoff Weight Loss Pill: Leptoprin

I just saw a commercial for Leptoprin, which is the most brazenly ridiculous example of rip-off marketing. We have laws about false product claims, but they do no good because companies can advertise products, lie about their results (claiming they have clinical proof when they do not, etc.) and blatently lie about their product. Worst is how they overprice the product, then appeal to our sense of greed and the desire for the quick fix, “If it costs this much it must be good.” They even try to talk you out of it:

“Leptoprin is too expensive for the casual dieter.” What pray tell is a casual dieter? and Leptoprin is too expensive for anyone with a brain. You can get the same ingredients for a fraction of the cost, if you really think they’ll work, but frankly, they aren’t going to be the magical combination you wanted.

There is no magic weight loss pill that will do it for you. If you want to take supplements that can help in your quest to get healthier, there are many useful choices, but there is no magic diet pill.

Here’s the ingredient list for Leptoprin:

Calcium (amino acid chelate) 264mg (67% RDA)
Vitamin B6 25mg (1250% RDA)
Acetylsalicylic acid 324mg (aspirin)
Caffeine 200mg
Green Tea Extract (no amount listed)
L-Tyrosine (no amount listed)
Kelp 100mg
Cayenne (no amount listed)

Keep in mind, a mere speck of an ingredient added allow them to put it on the label. Without listing the amounts is suspect indeed, but frankly, even if they did list an amount, I’d be hard pressed to trust it.

If you want to lose weight, visit a website that can show you how to lose weight and keep it off with simple, self-administered technqiues.

Overweight Obesity Researcher Develops Northwoods Diet

What Does it Take to Develop a New Diet?

Allen Levine, director of the Minnesota Obesity Center and head of the University of Minnesota’s Department of Food Science and Nutrition thinks people need to police themselves because, “You can’t have sex at your desk and you can’t drink booze at your desk and you can’t inject drugs at your desk, but you can eat a donut. Nobody’s going to stop you.”

Wow! That’s a little harsh. Somehow I don’t think eating a donut at my desk really is equal to the other choices (sex, drugs, drink — hey, he forgot rock-and-roll!).

Levine’s colleague University of Minnesota professor David Bernlohr and obesity researcher realized he’d gotten fat. Yes, that’s right. Just because you research obesity does not mean you are immune. Oh, no. The rotund Bernlohr decided to create his own diet and dubbed it the “Northwoods Diet,” in a vain attempt at poking fun at the fad diet industry and the popular South Beach diet.

His diet is pretty tame: Three meals a day with smaller portions and no food after 7:30 p.m. That’s it. Probably he’ll write a 200 page book about it soon.

Bernlohr explained his diet, “is just common sense to people who study nutrition or metabolism.” What he didn’t explain was he didn’t bother to follow his own “common sense” and keep his weight under control in the first place.

Obesity Deaths over Quarter Million Way Too Many

Health officials announced Tuesday that the CDC’s report, released in 2000, indicating 400,000 deaths a year were attributed to obesity was flawed and that the actual number was likely 80,000 less. People, that is still a third of a million deaths a year! It’s not okay.
Obesity and smoking are vying for top honors in the “kills most people” award, and at 425,000 deaths a year, smoking may still hold the lead.

Don’t be a stastic. Make small changes like taking a bowlful of chips instead of the entire bag. Practice portion control by eating a piece of fruit and then waiting an hour before eating something else. Cut your sandwich in half and eat the other half later as a snack, instead of a candy bar.

Notice how often you put something in your mouth out of habit or because “it’s there,” and then take steps to break that pattern. It begins with awareness.

Enjoy what you eat, take time with it. Notice it, smell it, taste it. Don’t just inhale food any more! Savor it. Take teensy bites. Let a piece of chocolate melt in your mouth. Every chew releases flavor and texture into your mouth and that is where the pleasure in eating lies.

Together we can work to bring down those annual deaths from obesity by focusing on ourselves and what we choose to eat.

Eating What You Want and Losing Weight

If you have a particular food craving, you should have that food.

Not three other things to make the feeling go away, but that exact food. If you cannot have that exact food, then catalog it for later, and have something similar. For instance, if you want something crunchy and salty, is it the salt or the crunch, or both? Think about it. Would crunchy vegetables give you the same “mouth feel” or does it need to be salty? If what you want isn’t readily available, can you go get some?

If you expect to only want what is “good for you” you’re setting yourself up to fail. You’ll obviously want other things. Just today I wanted nuts, badly. So I ate nuts, lots of nuts. Handfuls of nuts. Far more than I’d normally eat if I were in my natural state but this was a craving, and sometimes a craving needs to be satisfied. So I visited the nut jar several times during the day.

So how do I feel now? Great. Satisfied. Excellent. I ate the nuts, I’m happy. Nuts to you. Give it a go and let me know what happens.