McDonald’s: Eat Healthy Menu

Adult Happy Meals 

Can you spell S T O O P I D? McDonald’s today announced they’d be adding a cute new item to their menu: Adult Happy Meals. Oh, I can’t wait to get mine! It’s got a goodie inside, just like juniors only instead of some fun toy I get a cheap-o plastic pedometer. That’s swell.

This idea is so flat it’s a joke. If McDonald’s is trying to bring healthy choices to their menus, they obviously don’t have a clue what that means. You can opt to get your kids orange slices instead of French fries, or carrot sticks. Oh, that will go over well. You’ll have kids screaming, mom’s hollering and generally the McDonald’s ambiance might leave something to be desired.

No, like 33-year-old Chuck Horton at a McDonald’s in Garrisonville Va. said, “If I want to eat healthy, I’ll eat at home. “I come to McDonald’s for one reason: the fries. … I think this healthy eating thing has gone too far.” Amen to that.

His “gone too far” comment may be a little pre-mature though. The fast food chains haven’t even begun to haul out their idiot ideas.

I’m anxiously awaiting those new “quick food” places that are sure to spring up. Places that offer whole grain breads, hearty soups (it’s been so long since I’ve had a good hearty soup), steamed vegetables, crisp fresh salads with clean dressings on the side.

There’s a growing movement to get back to good eating called “Slow Food.” Started in Italy in response to the first McDonald’s invading that country, the movement has become a beacon for those opposed to the idea of eating “fast food” as a lifestyle. I like this idea.

The argument is usually, “But I’m too busy to cook,” and that can be true except when you take into consideration the time spent attending to your health since you didn’t bother to feed yourself well. Did you know if you eat better you can actually exercise less and still stay in great shape? Do you still circle the parking lot to find a close space? Do you drive to the store that’s less than 1/4 mile from your home? Do you have a riding lawn mower but less than half an acre of lawn? Do you pile things at the bottom of the stairs rather than take them up to “save a trip?” Do you take short cuts through buildings to save a few steps? All of these things are adding to the problem. Think slow. Take those few extra steps and cook dinner this weekend. You’ll be glad you did.

Slowing Down You Eat Too Fast

You Got to Make the Meal Last

Eating idea: Slow down. Why are you in such a hurry? If you love to eat, and you say you do, why then do you rush through it? Wouldn’t it make more sense to have something you enjoy so much last a little longer? Why not linger over a good meal, really taste it? Savor it?

Too many questions? Drat, that’s another question. It’s hard to stop asking questions once I get started, just like with a bag of cookies. You try one, and oh, that seemed pretty darn good, so you gulp down a few more, and since you aren’t even bothering to chew, just chomp, chomp, swallow, then a few more seems like a good idea. Then you suddenly realize you’ve eaten them all and yet you fell somehow–empty. “I’m just a bottomless pit,” you say. No you aren’t. You’re just eating so fast you aren’t giving your body a chance to realize it’s being fed. If you watch a starving animal, it will gulp the food down as fast as it can because it’s making sure no other animal takes it away from them, but you probably don’t have to do this. Slow it way down. Even if you live a very fast pace, you can slow down your chewing.

Take a bite of food, and let it sit there for a moment. Use all your senses, taste, smell, and decide is the food sweet or salty? Sour or bitter? Pretend you are going to rate the food on a scale of 1 to 10 – you are a food critic – how would you rate it? Is there an aftertaste? How would you ever know if you just gulped it down and ran out the door?

Slow down – make it last – there’s time, really there is. If you have to rush through a meal, ask yourself why? Could you wait a bit and have it later when there’s more time? What if you must eat in the car between appointments? It is possible to take a bite or two, wrap the food up, and leave it for later. You won’t die of starvation if you wait an hour for food.

Stop eating like it’s your last meal, and start treating yourself with some respect. You deserve better – if you were a guest staying in your own house you’d treat yourself better, right? Pretend you are an honored guest and start to treat yourself as if you’re special. Slow way down. Treat yourself to a massage or a new CD. Think leisure this week.