McDonald’s: Eat Healthy Menu

Adult Happy Meals 

Can you spell S T O O P I D? McDonald’s today announced they’d be adding a cute new item to their menu: Adult Happy Meals. Oh, I can’t wait to get mine! It’s got a goodie inside, just like juniors only instead of some fun toy I get a cheap-o plastic pedometer. That’s swell.

This idea is so flat it’s a joke. If McDonald’s is trying to bring healthy choices to their menus, they obviously don’t have a clue what that means. You can opt to get your kids orange slices instead of French fries, or carrot sticks. Oh, that will go over well. You’ll have kids screaming, mom’s hollering and generally the McDonald’s ambiance might leave something to be desired.

No, like 33-year-old Chuck Horton at a McDonald’s in Garrisonville Va. said, “If I want to eat healthy, I’ll eat at home. “I come to McDonald’s for one reason: the fries. … I think this healthy eating thing has gone too far.” Amen to that.

His “gone too far” comment may be a little pre-mature though. The fast food chains haven’t even begun to haul out their idiot ideas.

I’m anxiously awaiting those new “quick food” places that are sure to spring up. Places that offer whole grain breads, hearty soups (it’s been so long since I’ve had a good hearty soup), steamed vegetables, crisp fresh salads with clean dressings on the side.

There’s a growing movement to get back to good eating called “Slow Food.” Started in Italy in response to the first McDonald’s invading that country, the movement has become a beacon for those opposed to the idea of eating “fast food” as a lifestyle. I like this idea.

The argument is usually, “But I’m too busy to cook,” and that can be true except when you take into consideration the time spent attending to your health since you didn’t bother to feed yourself well. Did you know if you eat better you can actually exercise less and still stay in great shape? Do you still circle the parking lot to find a close space? Do you drive to the store that’s less than 1/4 mile from your home? Do you have a riding lawn mower but less than half an acre of lawn? Do you pile things at the bottom of the stairs rather than take them up to “save a trip?” Do you take short cuts through buildings to save a few steps? All of these things are adding to the problem. Think slow. Take those few extra steps and cook dinner this weekend. You’ll be glad you did.

Downsizing McDonalds – Phasing Out Super Size

McDonalds has announced it’s phasing out the option to “Super Size.”

Stating it has, “nothing to do with that [film] whatsoever,” referring of course to the soon-to-be-released independent film Super Size Me about Michael Spurlock’s 30-day odyssey of eating nothing but McDonalds. 

The Super Size phenomena was sheer marketing brilliance. Who wouldn’t take the larger size for mere pennies more? I did. It seemed almost foolish not to, yet the additional cost to our wallets, and the additional size added to our hips and waistlines never entered the decision process. Until now. Now, we’re starting to notice.

McDonalds claims that the move Super Size Me is about, “Spurlock’s decision to act irresponsibly by eating 5,000 calories a day.” Excuse me, but nearly everyone eats 5,000 calories a day. You may not think you do, but if you eat at restaurants or fast food places, add it to what else you eat that day and you’re likely easily eating 5,000 calories a day. It’s not hard to do.

Don’t believe me? Track your food intake for a month and see. At first you’ll be careful to eat quality foods, because you’re writing it down and all, but soon you’ll drift back into your usual eating habits, and if you can maintain the discipline to write it down, then you’ll be shocked by how much you really eat – I can almost guarantee it. The opposite side to that coin are those who barely eat anything, trying to stay under 1500 calories, yet cannot seem to lose weight. They’ve upset their metabolism to the point that their body is hanging on ferociously to every ounce of fat, despite the low calorie intake, or because of it, depending on how you look at it.

Check my Software, Tools & Gadgets page for software for tracking calories, if you dare! I use a simple program called Food & Exercise Diary for Windows. Any tool works, including a small notebook, if you just do it. Write it down.

It’s a proven fact – if you feed yourself a healthy balance of foods, including protein, carbs and fats, get decent rest, and sprinkle in some physical activity (dance, breath, move), then your body will melt into it’s natural size. And yes, it could take a year to get your body to that healthy weight if you’ve got 50 or more pounds to lose. So what? Get over wishing you were already there and take the first step on the journey to getting there. Take it one day at a time, one bite at a time. If you lost five pounds, but never regained it, wouldn’t that be a good thing? Take it five pounds at a time.

You’ll also find that most who starve themselves all day, tend to stuff themselves all night, and it balances out to that 5,000 calories a day I mentioned above. If you don’t believe me, find out for yourself. Write down what you eat for the next 30 days – I challenge you.

So let’s give thanks for the wisdom of McDonalds to phase out Super Size. Just say yes to quality foods at decent prices – and speaking of decent prices, what’s up with all our jobs moving overseas yet we aren’t seeing any price cutting in relation to the enormous corporate price savings? In fact, we keep hearing about more jobs being cut. Since tax benefits are meant to reward corporations for creating jobs, I’d say it’s time to phase out those benefits if the work is being taken elsewhere. What do you say? Are American’s corporations greedy? Are they killing our economy? You decide and remember it’s an election year. Time to be heard – get involved – start with a plan for increased health this year.