My Scale of Woe: Adventures in Weight Loss

The Scale Is Not My Friend

I got a surprise when I stepped on and found I’d gained over five pounds. In one week! Now how does that happen? I don’t know all the answers but I do know I haven’t done anything unusual so there’s no logical reason. Because of that I’m not going to knock myself around or say, “I’m gonna start a diet on Monday,” since it’s most likely water weight that’ll come off all by itself when my body’s ready to let it go.

It’s quite unusual to wake up and suddenly be heavier, so if you quickly gain five or more pounds in a week with no obvious reason (I’m not talking about the five pounds you gain because you’re eating everything in sight but when it comes out of the blue, unexpectedly–you know the difference) and it doesn’t disappear on its own.

Looking for clues. Have you changed or started any new medications? Eaten any foods you don’t usually eat? Water retention can be a side effect or reaction to other things you’ve ingested so be a detective.

Notify your doctor if rapid weight gain continues as it can be a sign of illness or drug reaction. Generally it’s nothing to get worked up about and if you’re eating a reasonable amount of healthy foods it’ll fall back off all by itself. Don’t go all crazy and jump on the latest fad diet andwagon. Just Relax. Have a cup of tea. You will be fine.

If you know EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques) use it on your anxiety: “Even though I’m huge, I deeply and completely accept myself.” If you don’t know EFT, it costs nothing to learn and you have everything to gain in learning how to lose weight for good. Get The Daily Bites, Little Lessons in Losing Weight the Easy Way

Chocolate Tasting Party

The Well Duh! Report

Just about everything I read in research journals and in the news makes me say, my “Well, duh!” Henceforth I’ll be providing my “Well Duh! Report.”

To think of the millions of dollars wasted on researchers going back and forth with these gems:

1. Dark chocolate is good for you. That’s good to know but why is it some say dark chocolate is good, but yet others say apples are bad? Whatever happened to common sense? The truth is, dark chocolate in its natural state is good, i.e. no added sugar. Turn it into a confection and you’ve got a different animal.

For fun, go to or hold your own chocolate tasting party. Chocolate lovers are just as discriminating as wine experts.

Learn more about chocolate at the Chocophile blog, check out EGullet for tips on getting a chocolate tasting kit, and drop by SeventyPercent to learn all about chocolate.

Naturally all that reading about chocolate might make you a bit hungry, so don’t forgot the EFT. EFT helps you learn to eat chocolate like a pro! I love chocolate and have it frequently, but I rarely eat a whole bag of anything and one or two pieces (depending on size) is just about perfect.

Be Annoying Go To Jail?

Word on the street is its illegal to annoy on the Internet if you do it anonymously, but perfectly fine if you do it with your real name. That’s not quite correct. Here’s the best explanation by The Volokh Conspiracy in A Skeptical Look at “Create an E-annoyance, Go to Jail.”

The text in question is within H.R. 3402, the “Violence Against Women and Department of Justice Reauthorization Act of 2005” which added the following:

“Whoever… utilizes any device or software that can be used to originate telecommunications or other types of communications that are transmitted, in whole or in part, by the Internet… without disclosing his identity and with intent to annoy, abuse, threaten, or harass any person who receives the communications… shall be fined under title 18 or imprisoned not more than two years, or both.”

Read in part this seems pretty stiff, two years for being annoying? But this only part of a larger text, so without reading in its entirety, you cannot interpret the language at all. Frankly, interpreting law isn’t an easy task. That’s why we leave it to the lawyers.

That said, the word annoy is pretty ambiguouss and certainly isn’t on a par with abuse, threaten or harass, but hey, that didn’t seem to come up in debate. Maybe next amendment.

Meanwhile if politics gets you crazed and wanting a snack, remember to use EFT: “Even though I hate _________ (insert political affiliation here), I deeply and completely accept myself.”

You can talk yourself back down when a snack attack hits, if you are pro-active, meaning, just do it. Before you start to munch, try EFT. Just for fun. See what happens. Worst case scenario it won’t do anything, and best case it’ll make you see what’s happening. Then you can decide, do I really want to eat this? It’s fine to eat, but try to stop eating in a trance and watch the pounds disappear.

Halloween: Not Good Excuse for 3-Month Eating Binge

If you’ve just launched your annual 3-month eating binge from Halloween until New Years, I gently suggest changing that program. There is no reason to eat yourself silly for the next three months only to spend the following nine trying to lose what you gained.

Instead, try something different this year and stop holiday weight gain.

1. Learn EFT. It’s easy, quick, painless and you can use it all the time for life stresses and more. It helps with eating and weight loss because it relieves stress, and we all know stress leads to weight gain (at least many times it does — some actually lose weight when under great stress). These pages explain EFT and NLP and how they can be used for weight loss, then the last page has worksheets so you can learn EFT basics for weight loss. [links open in new window].

2. Get The Daily Bites. Sent two or three times a week, short lessons in how I use EFT to maintain my 80 pound weight loss and how you can do the same. The Daily Bites – EFT for Weight Loss

3. Start to use EFT daily. I shouldn’t be surprised, but I still am at how many people learn this simple technique and then still don’t do it. That obviously suggests they aren’t really ready to lose weight at all, but hey, use EFT to get over it. Start with “Even though I don’t know if I’m ready to lose weight, I deeply and completely accept myself,” and take it from there.

4. Learn E.A.T: Eating Awareness Training. I’ve included this in Session 5 of the Ending Emotional Eating workshop, but you can adopt the principles simply by paying attention when you eat. Start with your next meal. Sit down. Look at the food. Notice the colors, texture, smells, etc. Be there.

Take a small bite and feel the food in your mouth. Move it around. Chew, suck, nibble, (eating is quite erotic). Don’t be in a big hurry to swallow, savor the brief moment of the food in your mouth, and see what you notice that you hadn’t noticed before. Do this with every single bite for an entire meal and see what happens.

One thing I can guarantee is it takes a long time to do this, so you’ll find yourself wishing you could hurry up, and that leads me to the question: Why do we think so much about eating only to rush ourselves through it? Interesting question anyway.

Take your time with your food. Eat an apple and really notice it. How does it sound when you bite in? Is it sweet? What’s the texture? Do you like that texture or would you rather it be something else? Every variety of apple is different. Get a few and have a tasting party.

When you stop to notice what you’re eating you’ll also experience the sensation of being satisfied and that’s the first step toward learning how to eat like a person without a weight problem.

Remember, it’s perfectly fine to overeat once in awhile, but change from overeating regularly to overeating on occasion, and you’ll start to lose weight. If you gobble your food, you’re likely eating far more than you need simply because you aren’t paying attention to the signals your body gives about being satisfied, content, happy. Give yourself a chance to experience this, just once this week and you’ll discover a whole new world of eating.

5. Think of the holidays as a time for lots of opportunities for your “occasional” indulgences, but the rest of the meals, eat normally (meaning like a sane person). This isn’t your last chance to eat candy, so don’t act like you have to eat it all.

EFT for Anger Fear & Trauma of Katrina Victims

Why Fear & Anger Make us Want to Eat

We have friends who up until a few days ago lived in New Orleans. Last year when hurricanes threatened we asked, “Are you evacuating?” “Yes” they replied and then returned to their city unharmed a few days later. This year it is hurricane season and we can’t reach them. All their contact information, addresses and numbers were located in New Orleans, a city that has suddenly ceased to exist as we once knew her. The fear and anger has reached the boiling point in those of us watching events from the safety of our homes and yet, people who drowned in their homes thought they were safe too. Many are still waiting for someone to please come, and we don’t know if they’ll reach them in time.

We’ve become a country that protects the world but not ourselves, and it’s very frightening. People who live in other Gulf Coast areas are fearful wondering, “Could this happen to us?” If you’ve noticed you suddenly want to eat or that no amount of food seems to be enough, don’t be alarmed, nor surprised. It makes sense given the reports of “no food or water” reaching our ears.

When your sense of safety is shattered, who will pick up the pieces? Even if you had money it couldn’t help get you out of New Orleans right this moment (Sept 3, 2005). Every person still there is on equal footing, but the platform on which they are standing is unstable and crumbling beneath their feet. I play for all the people still waiting and hoping help will come, and wish I could do something, but what can I do?

EFT Borrowing Benefits via Surrogate Tapping

Here’s something we can all do: An EFT sandwich using Borrowing Benefits together with Surrogate Tapping. Both Borrowing Benefits and Surrogate Tapping are well known to those who practice EFT. Here we’ll be combining them to help relieve your anxieties, rage, despair, whatever you are experiencing right now, and also it will help if you’ve suddenly found yourself unable to feel full no matter what you’ve eaten. Living through a horrific event or witnessing others while they suffer creates a hole in our hearts. For many this feels like hunger. It may feel like a gnawing, aching emptiness, but since it’s actually heart hunger, no amount of food can fill you up.

That’s why external events sometimes cause eating behaviors that you may not previously have thought were linked. Everything that happens around you affects how you feel and how you attempt to take care of yourself, and eating is simply a way we take care of ourselves. If you feel you’ve lost control around food, or you can’t get enough to eat right now, don’t despair. When you feel grief stricken, horrified, and helpless you can fill that emptiness with purpose and hope, by doing something proactive such as this exercise.

Note: If you don’t know what EFT is about, read this brief three page introduction to NLP & EFT and it’ll make better sense. Although the OMB (One More Bite’s) tools and examples focus on weight loss, EFT can be used for any issue and is very effective for fears, trauma, anger, sadness, grief, phobias, and more.

What is Borrowing Benefits?

Borrowing Benefits is the term for the happy side effect of getting relief for your issue while tapping along with someone else for their issue. This happens often in groups and workshops. We will all benefit in this way from doing Surrogate Tapping.

What is Surrogate Tapping

“Surrogate Tapping” is doing EFT directly for someone else; they don’t even need to know you are doing it. It’s the type of thing you might use as in, “Even though he’s a crotchety old ….” Many use the Surrogate Tapping technique for animals and pre-verbal infants and toddlers. It is equally effective whether the person is across the room or across the country. I know how ridiculous that sounds, but hey, it’s something you can do and certainly cannot hurt, so why not give it a go?

I propose we all do a few rounds of EFT over the next 24 hours for those still suffering in and around New Orleans and anyone directly affected by the disaster. Millions of people have lost their homes, their businesses and jobs, their lifetime treasures and momentos, photographs, and everything that made any sense in their lives, and their very real horror is alive as electric currents mixing in the air we are breathing right now. I’m sure it will help us individually and may help relieve some suffering outside ourselves as well.

“Even though I know my small voice cannot be heard, I deeply and completely accept myself.”

“Even though I feel awful, there’s nothing I can do to help, and I feel guilty that I can’t do anything, I deeply and completely accept myself.”

“Even though people are starving and I’m eating a steak dinner, I deeply and completely accept myself.”

“Even though I feel guilty for what I have, I deeply and completely accept myself.”

“Even though I’m angry (at Bush, the administration, the police, the criminals, the terrorists, my second grade teacher, the world, maybe even God), I deeply and completely accept myself.”

“Even though words cannot begin to describe the depth of my despair, I deeply and completely accept myself.”

“Even though I just want to eat and I wish I didn’t but I do, I deeply and completely accept myself.”

“Even though I’m afraid I’ll never get enough food to eat, I can’t seem to fill the emptiness right now, I deeply and completely accept myself.”

“Even though the fear is too thick to see through, I deeply and completely love and accept myself.”

“Even though I know it’s not my fault, I still feel somehow like I should have done something, and I deeply and completely accept myself.”

Change these words to whatever is happening for you right now, but if you are presently suffering with thoughts of fear, guilt, shame, indifference, whatever it may be, go ahead and do a round or two of EFT on that right now, then later tonight and again tomorrow.

If you were relatively happy until you read this, I apologize. I had so many clients today tell me they were angry, I thought it should be tackled head-on.

See my next blog post on a free tele-class I’m hosting on this subject Sunday and Monday, Sept. 4 and 5.