The Far Side Diet Weight Loss Program

I love Gary Larson’s work. His book, Prehistory of the Far Side, is the best place to start. It shows drawings he made when he was but a wee child, and they are friggen hilarious. Scenes looking out from the trunk of the car for instance, where he claims he rode on family trips. Another where he’s staring down the gaping mouth of a creature at the zoo. Apparently he always saw the scary side, and the weirdness of his fascination with farm animals doesn’t hurt either.

Naturally I wanted to get my hands on The Complete Far Side, a compilation of every cartoon published (and some non-published) during his entire career. I found the two hefty volumes at the library which is nice since the collection itself is a bit more for books than I usually spend. My librarian, Craig, nearly toppled over when he carried them to the checkout for me. That was my first clue something was amiss.

When I attempted to lift the books from the counter in the usual fashion, they were seemingly stuck to the counter; no, it was just they were heavy as hell-o. I took them home and tried to read them, really I did, but I like to read in bed and Volume I nearly crushed me to death. Volume II was no better. These are table books in the true sense of the word, but that’s when it struck me!

The Far Side Diet & Weight Loss Program: How It Works

How better to start a diet and stay motivated than a healthy dose of Far Side Cartoons and a workout hefting the volumes. You can begin simply by carrying the books from one room to the next. Rinse, repeat. Do this three times a day to build up your strength, and when you’re ready, venture outside and down the street, perhaps all the way to the end of the block. Slowly build up until you’re able to carry the books around like it’s no big deal.

You can hold one and slowly do bicep curls. Put them on your legs and do leg raises, and lie on the floor, putting a book (or two) on your pelvis and then lift, lower, lift, lower. Instant home gym in a book! It’s brilliant. Gary Larson, I tip my hat, and my broken pelvis to you. 😉

All kidding aside, these books are wonderful. Mostly color cartoons, which explains why the volumes weigh a ton.

Oh, yeah, I almost forget, the diet. Just take a healthy dose of laughter before each meal. Experts will say it’s a natural appetite suppressant (sooner, or later, I’m sure they will)

Hoodia in Diet Weight Loss Pills

Notice how everyone’s adding Hoodia to their formulations? Sorry, doesn’t work that way. With all herbs, you need sufficient quantity and quality to get a noticeable result whatsoever. You can’t just add a splash of this or that and think it’s worthwhile, yet that’s what every Tom, Dick & Harry forumlation is doing.

Next thing you know Hoodia will be added to milk. Sheesh. Ignore the hype. If you want to try an herbal supplement, try it as a “simple” first, meaning just that herb by itself. Here is an article about my thoughts and experiences with Hoodia and how it worked for me.

The Atkins Diet is Busted

Atkins Nutritionals Inc, has filed for bankruptcy protection with $301 billion in assets against $325 billion in debt

Woe is me, who’d a thunk? The whole idea of those ridiculous “low carb” bread and “low carb” pancake mix and other offerings they shoved on an unwary public were laughable to start, but thinking people would buy them more than once was just ridiculous beyond belief. If they haven’t gone so crazed and had just introduced a few good products, all would be well, but noooo. They had to get greedy. Had to try to “low carb” everything, including foods that are high carb by nature and design (bread for crying out loud).

And so it goes. Diets come and go and Atkins rein was doomed with their introduction of low carb world. Up until then he’d enjoyed more than 30 years of fame. Now he’ll be remembered mostly by his failed products (nothing’s worse than seeing your products at 50% discount and still no one is buying) and his untimely demise with subsequent controversy over his condition when he died. It’s sad, really.

Hoodia Diet Pills – Do They Really Work?

Does Hoodia Work for Weight Loss?

The next big wave to hit diet shores are Hoodia Diet Pills. Hoodia is an herb that grows in Nepal and has been used for centuries by the bush people for something to chew on long journeys. It would help them continue without hunger, which is why it’s suddenly the miracle weight loss product. Remember, the native use is to help with hunger, not weight loss. Bush people don’t need to lose weight.

So, keeping a keen eye on the hunger aspect, remember, fraud is rampant in the weight loss industry. Put on your “scam detection radar glasses” before you believe the hype. The main claims that are unlikely to be true include 1) You can lose weight without changing what you eat (if this were true you wouldn’t need to lose weight in the first place), and 2) You don’t need to exercise (it helps enormously to become more active, so why not promote it?).

That said, I will try herbal products and when I first read about Hoodia and the native uses, it seemed pretty impressive. Since then I’ve tried some capsules of powder I got online, and recently bought some hard pills at a local store. I liked the powdered caps better, so that’s what I’ll buy in the future.

I got an amazingly good result with the Hoodia Diet Pills, but it quickly was obvious this is not some miracle weight loss drug. It doesn’t make me feel any different so you could take it and forget it, unlike some products that make you feel jittery, but what’s most surprising is what happens when you’re not paying any attention.

Hoodia Made me Forget to Eat Breakfast!

As an example, I normally eat breakfast every morning. I’m hungry when I wake up, and breakfast is my favorite, so I don’t need to think about it, I just eat it. One morning I took the Hoodia when I first got up, and then went about my usual business on the computer and getting ready. Before I knew it, I was grabbing my jacket and starting to walk out the door when I realized I’d forgotten to eat breakfast!

Since I still didn’t feel hungry I figured I’d just eat something once I got to the office. Since I usually get hungry again around 10 AM, it was quite surprising to notice I didn’t feel really hungry at all until closer to 11 AM.

Now, before you get all excited and think you can get Hoodia and then never be hungry again, that’s probably not what’ll happen. I’ve tried it at other times of day without the same result. It may be more related to whether you’re involved in an activity (i.e. you’re attention is focused on something besides eating), and whether you’re reasonably well fed to begin with.

If you don’t eat quality food very often, you’ll tend to be hungrier, despite eating a whole bag of chips. Your body needs nutrients and it’ll keep pestering you until you give it something real to eat.

At this point, I like Hoodia Diet Pills and will probably be buying them again. Remember, Hoodia isn’t going to take away your appetite to the extent you’ll never be hungry but they can certainly help when you have “inappropriate hungers” such as in the evening after you’ve already eaten a big dinner, or other troublesome snacking times. Whenever is your roughest time, that’s when I’d give Hoodia a test run.

Key to Weight Loss with Hoodia Diet Pills

The key to getting a good weight loss result with Hoodia or any other appetite suppressant type product is learning to pay attention to your body’s hunger signals. In other words, if you ignore hunger now (eating way past satisfied into the uncomfortably full zone, or eating when you’re not hungry at all in anticipation of future hungers for instance), then paying attention to your hunger needs to be addressed either first, or at the least simultaneously while trying Hoodia.

Low Fat Diet Best for Long-term Weight Loss

The battle between low fat and low carb continues. A study recently concluded that the low fat approach results in better long-term results. Using the National Weight Control Registry,which tracks the secrets of success from people who had lost at least 30 pounds and kept them off for at least a year. The registry is run by doctors from the University of Pittsburgh and Brown University in Providence, R.I. and the University of Colorado in Denver. (I’m on this registry, and receive semi-annual questionnaires which they use to track weight control over the long-term).

Twice a year the National Weight Control Registry asks participants about their eating and exercise habits. Recent findings appear to support the conclusion that, “People who started eating more fat … regained the most weight over time,” said Suzanne Phelan, a Brown Medical School psychologist who presented results of the study Monday at a meeting of the North American Association for the Study of Obesity.

Experts Weigh In with Opinions on Low Fat vs. Low Carb

Other experts had differing opinions: Dr. Thomas Wadden, a University of Pennsylvania weight loss expert who was not involved in the study, said it is too soon to say which approach is better. Several longer-term studies of low-carb and low-fat dieters are in the works, he said. But he did say, “I do think that people who are keeping the weight off are eating a low-fat, high-carb diet.”

Colette Heimowitz, a nutrition expert and spokeswoman for the Atkins diet organization, noted that the study considered 90 grams to be low-carb, while Atkins recommends 60 grams for weight loss and 60 to 120 for weight maintenance.

She said that for many of the dieters studied, “the carbs aren’t low enough for them to be successful.” They also should have replaced carbs with more protein rather than fat, she said.

Should I Eat Low Fat or Low Carb?

Frankly, I think it’s best to eat what you enjoy, watch portions especially if you eat meals in restaurants, limit treats and get your body moving. The more active you are the better.