Forget Toys! Now They’re Recalling Chocolate

Kraft gets slammed with a chocolate recall just in time for the 2007 holiday season. Kraft’s Premium White Chocolate the 6 oz sized box, apparently they’ve found salmonella. Yes, it lurks everywhere.

Keeping track of all these recalls isn’t easy, so get their email or RSS reports. It’s getting so we’ve got to wonder if anything is safe to eat any more.

Chocolate Tasting Party

The Well Duh! Report

Just about everything I read in research journals and in the news makes me say, my “Well, duh!” Henceforth I’ll be providing my “Well Duh! Report.”

To think of the millions of dollars wasted on researchers going back and forth with these gems:

1. Dark chocolate is good for you. That’s good to know but why is it some say dark chocolate is good, but yet others say apples are bad? Whatever happened to common sense? The truth is, dark chocolate in its natural state is good, i.e. no added sugar. Turn it into a confection and you’ve got a different animal.

For fun, go to or hold your own chocolate tasting party. Chocolate lovers are just as discriminating as wine experts.

Learn more about chocolate at the Chocophile blog, check out EGullet for tips on getting a chocolate tasting kit, and drop by SeventyPercent to learn all about chocolate.

Naturally all that reading about chocolate might make you a bit hungry, so don’t forgot the EFT. EFT helps you learn to eat chocolate like a pro! I love chocolate and have it frequently, but I rarely eat a whole bag of anything and one or two pieces (depending on size) is just about perfect.

Chocolate Cheese: Does Asia Needs More Heart Disease

Okay, at first I thought yuck, and then I realized, wait a minute! I love cheesecake and how’s that different than this new chocolate cheese product? The New Zealand dairy company, Fonterra, has a mission to “re-define cheese.” Uh, okay.

They are presently targeting Asia as there isn’t enough heart disease there as of yet I suppose. They suggest cheese is a good source of protein but they don’t mention the calories, fat or whatever else this swell new snack food contains. I searched and couldn’t find an ingredient list, so I don’t know if they sweeten Chesdale chocolate cheese slices, but I’d be willing to bet they do, else they’d taste horrible.

I don’t see any way to get a sample so can’t say for sure. If you’ve tried Chesdale Chocolate Cheese, please let me know.

Here’s one news report from Nutra USA talking about Chesdale Chocolate Cheese.

Chocolate Babies – Classic Candy

I came across this supposedly classic candy selection from the 1950s, Chocolate Babies. I must have been living under a rock because I’ve never seen this particular item and I have spent more hours than I can count in the pursuit of all things candy.

Chocolate BabiesIs this politically correct? Would you serve this to your friends and family? I found them at Hometown Favorites, Candy Store which is a great place for finding those “hard to find” items like Hershey’s Raspberry flavored baking chips. To save you steps, here’s a link to the page where I found chocolate babies.

While there, don’t miss the Hard to Find Grocer, which is what led me there in the first place.

The Chocolate Diet

I came across an ad that said, “The Chocolate Diet,” and so naturally, I checked it out. The site had pictures of nice chocolates, and then something about how nanotechnology had created some nifty new way of making it so you needed less sugar, blah, blah. This led me to believe they’d have chocolates to order, right? Wrong.

They are selling the same, tired chocolate powdered drink diet. Yuck. What a let down.

Then, while searching to see what else was new in the dieting world, I came across the Pasta Chocolate Diet. Checking into that I see they recommend popcorn as a snack, three times a day. Shouldn’t it be called the Popcorn Diet?

Getting back to chocolate, I live similar to the principals in, Growing Up on the Chocolate Diet: A Memoir With Recipes, by Lora Brody. In it she explains how she loves chocolate and has a little every day. So do I! Well, not every day, but most days. As I still have one chocolate left from my Christmas box, I wouldn’t say I’m obsessive about it, but I do love good chocolate, and I maintain my weight so they can go hand-in-hand.

My Chocolate Diet

Hershey’s Kisses have about 25 calories apiece, so if you want, take four Kisses and attempt to let one melt in your mouth – no biting. See if you can, it’s not easy. Make four Kisses a snack, make an effort to let them melt and it’ll take you 15 minutes to eat them; meanwhile your hunger pangs are long gone and your craving for something chocolate is satisfied.