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Weight Loss Surgery

EFT Helps Weight Loss Surgery Success

October 13, 2004

Tweet If you’ve tried everything and cannot lose weight, turning to surgery may be your best option. If you first work on the emotional reasons for your eating and get some resolution to the many aspects that make up your present eating behaviors, then your chances at success are increased 100% There’s much more to […]

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Losing Weight Before Weight Loss Surgery

September 19, 2004

Tweet Obese Man Loses More Than 370 Pounds More and more the severely obese are losing to become candidates for weight loss surgery. This presents a dilemma in that to quality for the surgery you must demonstrate that you have tried and failed to lose weight via conventional means, yet if you are too heavy, […]

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Weight Loss Surgery- Is it Best Choice for You?

September 7, 2003

Tweet So much in the news lately about weight loss surgery. The risks are downplayed while the celebrities who had a good result are paraded around like it’s easy. After all, what could be simpler? Consider the facts: You will not be able to eat even a quarter of the quantity you now eat. “That’s […]

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