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Zsweet: New No Calorie Natural Sweetener

December 21, 2005

Tweet I received my samples of ZSweet(TM), and I’m impressed. This stuff looks and feels, and most importantly tastes the most like real sugar than any other alternative sweetener, yet it has zero calories. Now, keep in mind, whenever you’re told something has zero calories they mean “per serving.” If you eat enough, you’ll get […]

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Sugar Advertising: Are Alternative Sweetners a Threat?

December 14, 2005

Tweet I’ve been hearing adverts for sugar on the radio on my daily drive to Portland. They start out talking about how things smell, “oooh, smell that aroma of fresh baked peach cobbler,” says one. First, that’s dumb. You can’t get fresh peaches this time of year so invoking the sense to think of peach […]

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