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Make Your Own Splenda Baking Mix and Save Money

November 28, 2004

Tweet What is Splenda Baking Mix? It’s half sugar half Splenda. That’s it.  Wow! New product, huh? Do they think we are so stupid we can’t just mix our own two ingredients together? Did you buy this new Splenda Baking mix? If you did, next time buy a bag of Splenda, and a bag of […]

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Even Diet Pros Can Get it Wrong

September 13, 2004

Tweet When Diet Recipes Go Bad I often sign up for the “free information” offered on websites for weight loss, just so I can see what they do, how whey do it, and whether I like it. Today I signed up for a Free Fitness Assessment on a page testing headlines for Denise Austin’s latest […]

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How to Make Pork Rinds and other Fun with Pork

July 13, 2004

Tweet Disclaimer:: If you follow a low carb approach, you may like these ideas. Otherwise, maybe don’t read this. Since the pork rind’s people are having trouble keeping the shelves stocked, you might consider making your own. Pork Rinds are popular with the Atkins Diet because they have zero carbs. How to Make Pork Rinds […]

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