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NLP Weight Loss

Weight Loss Tips Stepping Out of Your Comfort Zone

March 15, 2004

Tweet One issue that pops up time and again for my clients (and me too) is that of the “comfort zone.” How many of you have once been at your goal weight but then found yourself slowly creeping back up? The odd thing about those situations is that you know what you are doing differently, […]

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Dieting: When Things Get In The Way

March 11, 2004

Tweet That pesky thing called life. It has a way of fouling up the best laid plans, doesn’t it? First you decide you’re going to start keeping your car cleaner, thinking, “I know, I’ll wash it every Saturday morning.” Great. You have a plan. Saturday comes along and someone calls inviting you to go golfing. […]

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NLP Weight Loss: How You See Yourself Part 3

February 16, 2004

Tweet How Do You See Yourself – Part 3 Making a Change when Others Don’t Want you To In NLP there is a process called “Creating a Compelling Outcome.” Your outcome is what you really want, but knowing what you want is only a small part. Finding a way to achieve it, and whether it […]

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