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Are you Starving? Putting Hunger in Perspective

November 15, 2005

Tweet Putting Hunger In Perspective I recently read a book by the only man to have survived alone on a raft at sea for more than two months, Editor of Cruising World magazine, Steven Callahan. In “Adrift, Seventy-six Days Lost at Sea,” Callahan recounted how while slowly starving he dreamt of food, “My body knows […]

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I’m Hungry

January 29, 2004

Tweet Good Thing I’m Not A “Breakfast Skipper” Or This Could Be A Rough Day Nah, I always eat the most early in the day anyway, so being hungry is expected. Having my stomach gurgling like a flooding riverbank is another story. Sometimes when I wake this hungry, it’s as if nothing I eat will […]

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Always Eating but Slender Still: How I Do It

November 5, 2003

Tweet People Often Comment That I Always Seem To Be Eating That doesn’t mean that at the first tiny hunger pang I go crazy looking for something to stuff in my mouth; just that I plan ahead, have healthy snacks close by, and know it’s likely I’ll get hungry every few hours. What’s interesting is […]

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Celebrity Diet Advice: Not Always Smart

May 28, 2003

Tweet Celebrity Diet Advice. Are You Hungry? Here’s something I read yesterday that got my blood boiling. It’s supposedly diet advice, but I’d say it’s more of the same nonsense we’re fed in our daily “Celebrity Advice” diet. “You eat when you’re hungry, and you can eat often,” Paula Zahn disclosed, saying she eats five […]

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What Have You Eaten Today?

May 13, 2003

Tweet It’s 11:51 AM and so far today I’ve eaten, a huge bowl of granola cereal with a cup or more of non-fat milk at 7:15 AM. Around 10:00 I had a small banana, which didn’t seem to do a lot, so I added a medium apple about 10:20. Now, I’ve just finished a low-fat […]

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One Small Change Equals Big Weight Loss Results

January 21, 2003

Tweet Avoiding Winter Weight Gain It’s that time of year. From a nip in the air to a massive snow and ice storm, there is a difference now. It’s colder and the tendency is to put on a few pounds. We’ve generally accepted that it is nature’s way of helping us provide a little extra […]

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