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How to Stop Seasonal Weight Gain

January 2, 2004

Tweet You Can Stop Endless Holiday Eating & Winter Weight Gain I notice a distinct difference in my eating patterns during the winter than the summer. I’ve worked with clients who specifically addressed this issue as they wanted to avoid the seasonal weight gain loss cycle from now on. Do you notice this phenomena, and […]

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What to do When Weight Loss Stalls

June 11, 2003

Tweet The Dreaded Weight Loss Plateau We’ve all been there – doing everything “right,” exercising (making an effort anyway), eating more fresh foods, and yet, nothing. No change. We anxiously weigh ourselves hoping for some result, but the needle won’t budge, or worse, it rises! You are on a weight loss plateau. That’s when most […]

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Habits Make the Man

January 24, 2003

Tweet We are all creatures of habit, going about our daily lives without giving it much thought. The same thing happens with our eating habits. Our favorite foods, snacks, times and places to eat. Mostly done out of habit. Have you ever polished off a bag of chips without even realizing your eating? Most people […]

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