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Toobee: Have Fun, Lose Weight

December 16, 2006

Tweet Just saw this new toy, the Toobee, “lighter than a marshmallow,” no sharp edges, can be flown inside or out. This is just plain fun, and for a limited time you can get free, (you do pay shipping and handling). The Toobee could be the next best weight loss exercise gadget. I sent for […]

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Video Games for Exercise Catching On

January 10, 2005

Tweet News reports are coming in fast and furious about all the new video games that get people up and moving. I’ve talked about it here in The Slimming Pool often: Video Game That Causes people to Lose Weight, January 2004 … When the game involves bodily movement, that’s how. Today I came across Tanya […]

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Yourself!Fitness – Fitness Comes to the Home Computer

January 6, 2005

Tweet You’ve heard of DDR (Dance, Dance, Revolution), and now there is Yourself!Fitness, developed by a Portland, Oregon company and now available for the PC (plus game consoles such as XBox and PlayStation). Here is a link to the XBox site’s review of Yourself!Fitness which is an excellent overview. After checking it out, pop on […]

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Groundbreaking news! Exercise, Diet Keep Weight Off!

November 28, 2004

Tweet Holy smokes, who’d a thought? Sheesh. I’ve mentioned before I’m a member of the National Weight Control Registry, a group of about 5,000 people who’ve lost on average 73 pounds and kept off more than 30 pounds for six years. The actual criteria to join the registry is having lost at least 30 pounds […]

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Exercise for Weight Loss: How Long is This Going to Take?

July 7, 2004

Tweet As for exercising and not seeing a result let us all take a deep breath and then repeat after me: “It just takes time.” If a person has spent the last 20 years not exercising and not eating well, they cannot expect that two weeks on a treadmill will turn that around. It can […]

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Weight Loss: Why Quick Results Take Time

June 4, 2003

Tweet Q: Five weeks ago, I began an exercise program and so far I have not lost any weight or gained in muscle tone – which is my goal. Regardless, I intend to keep it up, knowing that the results I want will occur if I give it time. A. That’s so true, yet here […]

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