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Why South Beach Diet More Popular than Atkins Diet

February 22, 2004

Tweet The ranking at for top searches in January 2004 shows the South Beach Diet is now the No. 1 top searched weight loss program with Weight Watchers coming in second and the Atkins Diet third. Since the South Beach diet is simply a modified Atkins Diet but less restrictive, this isn’t surprising. Both […]

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Low Carb Pork Rinds?

February 1, 2004

Tweet I’m looking for info on net carbs and how exactly they turn a usually high carb food like a tortilla for instance into a low carb version, and what do I find? A website about low carb foods with an ad banner across the top proclaiming, “Pork Rinds, fresh, kettle fried.” Does that make […]

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Sunday Blowout Eating Getting Ready for Monday Diet

November 22, 2003

Tweet Typical Weekly Diet Plan Sunday, Anything goes, because I’m starting a diet tomorrow Monday, Diet Tuesday, I think I can do this! Wednesday, It’s almost the weekend. This is easy … Thursday, Uh, okay, but just this once … Friday: Yah! It’s Friday. Let’s live a little Saturday: I’ve been so good all week […]

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