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One-Size Fits All Diets Do not Work

June 10, 2007

Tweet Learn to incorporate healthier eating habits into your daily life, rather than trying to eat according to someone elses plan. Even if you can stay on a strict diet, what’s the sense when you finally quit the diet and just gain the weight right back? There is no One-Size Fits All Diet. Why do […]

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Weight Loss Tip: Small Changes Equal Big Results

October 28, 2006

Tweet Here’s a weight loss tip. Think about it… There are 365 days in a year. If you achieved your goals on 200 of them this year wouldn’t that be an improvement over last year? As you improve, your weight will come off. That’s the secret to lasting weight loss. People who’ve achieved their best […]

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Eat What You Want to Lose Weight

October 27, 2006

Tweet If you have a particular food craving, you should have that food. Not three other things to make the feeling go away, but that exact food. If you cannot have that exact food, then catalog it for later, and have something similar, such as if you want something crunchy and salty, find something else […]

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Keeping Food Diary Helps Weight Loss

October 10, 2004

Tweet Keep track of what you eat for the next seven days; just one short week (you can do it). Note what, when, your mood, and whether you were hungry. This diary then becomes your window into your real eating habits. If you usually eat a pretty healthy diet for instance, then the food may […]

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Mental Toughness or Weight Loss Bully?

September 20, 2004

Tweet Mental Toughness I received an e-mail with a link to something called Mental Toughness, so I checked it out and I cannot believe it. If you don’t already disparage yourself enough, this is the program to get. It apparently is based on the premise that if they tell you how bad you are, you’ll […]

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Weight Watchers – New Core Diet Plan

September 17, 2004

Tweet Competing with Atkins Diet, Weight Watchers Introduces the Core Diet Plan In a feeble attempt to appeal to dieters who liked the idea that they could eat all they want (calories don’t count) Weight Watchers announced the introduction of the Core Diet. What is the Weight Watcher’s Core Diet plan, you ask? It’s a […]

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The Chocolate Diet

September 15, 2004

Tweet I came across an ad that said, “The Chocolate Diet,” and so naturally, I checked it out. The site had pictures of nice chocolates, and then something about how nanotechnology had created some nifty new way of making it so you needed less sugar, blah, blah. This led me to believe they’d have chocolates […]

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If Americans Eating Healthy Why Are We So Fat?

September 11, 2004

Tweet A recent telephone poll conducted in August by Zogby International, and commissioned by the University of Texas Health Science Center at Houston revealed that 70% of Americans say they are careful about what they eat. Yet 56% of these same people admitted to being overweight. These polls really measure the ability of people to […]

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Grapefruit Diet Making Comeback

August 26, 2004

Tweet Reported Wednesday in HealthDayNews a grapefruit or two a day may help you lose weight. Ken Fujioka, director of nutrition and metabolism research at the Scripps Clinic in San Diego was the lead author of a study evaluating grapefruit for weight loss. One hundred people were evaluated (not a significant number, BTW), and were […]

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My Son Won the Good Eater Award

May 28, 2004

Tweet Good Eater Award I have a small, yellow award banner, like what’d you’d win in second grade, that says “Good Eater Award.” I named my website, OneMoreBite, after my theory that when children are small we’re constantly trying to get them to start eating, “Come on honey, just one more bite. It’s so yummy. […]

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