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Binge Dieting Decreases Breast Cancer Risk in Mice

October 25, 2005

Tweet Mice Benefit from Yo-Yo Dieting Say Researchers Finally, another mouse study indicated that on-again, off-again dieting may actually prevent breast cancer in postmenopausal women. Mice on the so-called “yo-yo” diet regimen had a 96 percent reduction in cancer, compared to the animals allowed to eat whatever they wanted. The results were surprising to the […]

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Dieting with Donuts

February 13, 2005

Tweet I read a recent article in a popular women’s magazine that pointed out a donut isn’t necessarily a bad choice for breakfast. They compared it to other choices like sausage McMuffins, and greasy potato wedges washed down with a 64 oz. soft drink. What they forgot to mention is that few people stop at […]

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Fast Food Cannot be Part of Healthy Diet Says New Study

December 31, 2004

Tweet today reported that, “frequent fast food consumption cannot be part of a healthful diet, despite claims to the contrary by the food industry,” according to Dr. David Ludwig, director of the obesity program at Children’s Hospital Boston and senior author of a recent study In response the National Restaurant Association said it could […]

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Atkins + Digital Chocolate = Atkins 2Go

December 10, 2004

Tweet No, this has nothing to do with chocolate at all, it’s just the name of a company. Too bad. Atkins partnered with the San Mateo, California-based mobile games company called Digital Chocolate Inc. to develop the “Atkins 2Go” service for mobile phones. Digital Chocolate President Mark Jacobstein said he’s not concerned about the evident […]

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New Diet Drug, Not Yet, But Someday, so Is That News?

February 9, 2004

Tweet I Hate News Reporting of Theory and Opinion In the time honored tradition of CNN’s reporting news that isn’t news, tonight I saw a report on the “promising” protein leptin being used to develop a new diet drug. As Dave Barry likes to say, I’m not making this up. The report said, “Unger says […]

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