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Walmart to Sell Splenda Next, The World!

February 21, 2006

Tweet In their quest to take over everything, Walmart has managed to secure the raw materials to produce their own variety of Splenda, despite Splenda being trademarked by Britain’s Tate & Lyle. Now, it’s fine to develop as similar sweetener but where it gets sticky (no pun intended) is calling it “Walmart’s brand of Splenda.” […]

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Splenda Cost Going Down

April 23, 2005

Tweet Good news! The price of Splenda may soon be going down! The primary patent held for Splenda by Tate & Lyle has already expired. They hold numerous other patents but this still opens the door to competition. Other companies can now create Splenda as well, and will soon bring it to market under different […]

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Make Your Own Splenda Baking Mix and Save Money

November 28, 2004

Tweet What is Splenda Baking Mix? It’s half sugar half Splenda. That’s it.  Wow! New product, huh? Do they think we are so stupid we can’t just mix our own two ingredients together? Did you buy this new Splenda Baking mix? If you did, next time buy a bag of Splenda, and a bag of […]

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