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Low Fat Diet Best for Long-term Weight Loss

November 16, 2004

Tweet The battle between low fat and low carb continues. A study recently concluded that the low fat approach results in better long-term results. Using the National Weight Control Registry,which tracks the secrets of success from people who had lost at least 30 pounds and kept them off for at least a year. The registry […]

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Canada Says No to Low Carb

September 30, 2004

Tweet Starting next year food labeling in Canada will not be allowed to have any claims regarding low carb at all, including in the product’s name. Smaller companies are being given until 2007 to comply with the labeling laws. This is because Health Canada has taken the stance that there is no scientific evidence that […]

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How to Make Pork Rinds and other Fun with Pork

July 13, 2004

Tweet Disclaimer:: If you follow a low carb approach, you may like these ideas. Otherwise, maybe don’t read this. Since the pork rind’s people are having trouble keeping the shelves stocked, you might consider making your own. Pork Rinds are popular with the Atkins Diet because they have zero carbs. How to Make Pork Rinds […]

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Why South Beach Diet More Popular than Atkins Diet

February 22, 2004

Tweet The ranking at for top searches in January 2004 shows the South Beach Diet is now the No. 1 top searched weight loss program with Weight Watchers coming in second and the Atkins Diet third. Since the South Beach diet is simply a modified Atkins Diet but less restrictive, this isn’t surprising. Both […]

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Low Carb Pork Rinds?

February 1, 2004

Tweet I’m looking for info on net carbs and how exactly they turn a usually high carb food like a tortilla for instance into a low carb version, and what do I find? A website about low carb foods with an ad banner across the top proclaiming, “Pork Rinds, fresh, kettle fried.” Does that make […]

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