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New Attitude Toward Changing Eating Habits

December 16, 2003

Tweet Scarcity and Deprivation: Ugly Twin Sisters of Fear Based Living This actually addresses two issues: Scarcity (I’m afraid there will not be enough to eat, or I’m afraid I won’t get enough to eat) and Deprivation (I’m not going to get what I want). What if you’re the type that cannot just “cut back?” […]

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Do You Eat More Because You’re Afraid You Won’t Get Enough?

November 21, 2003

Tweet Eating out of Fear of Not Having Enough Have you ever finished a huge meal, like Thanksgiving dinner, where you couldn’t eat another bite, when suddenly someone showed up carrying another dessert? Did you suddenly find just a bit of space to eat a little more? That’s eating out of fear; the fear of […]

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