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Rule Based Living – How to Lose the Rules to Lose Weight

November 25, 2003

Tweet Loosen the Noose I read a lot – including diet, fitness, exercise, and weight related books and 9 times out of 10 I find myself disagreeing with the author. So often I read about how I “should” do this, and will never be allowed to eat that again. “Who says,” is what I think […]

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Do You Have SSD? Seasonal Sugar Disorder

November 24, 2003

Tweet You May Have SSD – Seasonal Sugar Disorder They’re starting early now – bringing out the holiday treats immediately after Halloween. Next thing you know they’ll leave the displays up all year-round. At least with all the colorful packaging staring at us now, weeks before Christmas, instead of the, “I gotta get some right […]

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Join OneMoreBite Weight Loss Trials

September 5, 2003

Tweet Fri Nov 22 – This study is now closed. Thanks to all who participated! If you’d be interested in being interviewed as a possible weight loss study participant, please send your name and any details to study @ Beginning late September 2003, this group will begin the OneMoreBite EFT Weight Loss program via […]

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What to do When Weight Loss Stalls

June 11, 2003

Tweet The Dreaded Weight Loss Plateau We’ve all been there – doing everything “right,” exercising (making an effort anyway), eating more fresh foods, and yet, nothing. No change. We anxiously weigh ourselves hoping for some result, but the needle won’t budge, or worse, it rises! You are on a weight loss plateau. That’s when most […]

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