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My Scale of Woe: Adventures in Weight Loss

November 22, 2006

Tweet The Scale Is Not My Friend I got a surprise when I stepped on and found I’d gained over five pounds. In one week! Now how does that happen? I don’t know all the answers but I do know I haven’t done anything unusual so there’s no logical reason. Because of that I’m not […]

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Chocolate Tasting Party

March 3, 2006

Tweet The Well Duh! Report Just about everything I read in research journals and in the news makes me say, my “Well, duh!” Henceforth I’ll be providing my “Well Duh! Report.” To think of the millions of dollars wasted on researchers going back and forth with these gems: 1. Dark chocolate is good for you. […]

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Be Annoying Go To Jail?

February 2, 2006

Tweet Word on the street is its illegal to annoy on the Internet if you do it anonymously, but perfectly fine if you do it with your real name. That’s not quite correct. Here’s the best explanation by The Volokh Conspiracy in A Skeptical Look at “Create an E-annoyance, Go to Jail.” The text in […]

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Halloween: Not Good Excuse for 3-Month Eating Binge

November 1, 2005

Tweet If you’ve just launched your annual 3-month eating binge from Halloween until New Years, I gently suggest changing that program. There is no reason to eat yourself silly for the next three months only to spend the following nine trying to lose what you gained. Instead, try something different this year and stop holiday […]

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EFT for Anger Fear & Trauma of Katrina Victims

September 3, 2005

Tweet Why Fear & Anger Make us Want to Eat We have friends who up until a few days ago lived in New Orleans. Last year when hurricanes threatened we asked, “Are you evacuating?” “Yes” they replied and then returned to their city unharmed a few days later. This year it is hurricane season and […]

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Help Me, I Can’t Lose Weight

October 21, 2004

Tweet I get more e-mail that starts with, “Help me,” than any other, yet those writers rarely put themselves on the list to receive my help. I’d love to spend all day answering e-mails, but frankly, I don’t have time. What I do instead is respond as best I can with the time I have, […]

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EFT Weight Loss Can’t Get Over Shame of Over Weight

October 14, 2004

Tweet A client wrote, “This program (One More Bite 8-Week Workshop) has helped me a lot with some of my anger and my fear but I just can’t get over the shame of my body.” My reply: Oh, yes you can. Just write that down as one of the issues you’re going to work on. […]

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EFT on Reluctance to Quit Smoking, Weight Loss

July 21, 2004

Tweet This was a reply I made in a Yahoo Group forum, and I thought it appropriate for today’s Daily Bite. The poster was specifically asking about her reluctance to use EFT on her smoking because she really wasn’t’ ready to quit: It makes perfectly good sense that you wouldn’t want to give up something […]

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Exercise for Weight Loss: How Long is This Going to Take?

July 7, 2004

Tweet As for exercising and not seeing a result let us all take a deep breath and then repeat after me: “It just takes time.” If a person has spent the last 20 years not exercising and not eating well, they cannot expect that two weeks on a treadmill will turn that around. It can […]

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How to Use EFT to Manage Food Cravings

July 6, 2004

Tweet Managing Cravings with EFT There are several ways to manage cravings; you can attempt to stop eating the food entirely, i.e. out of sight out of mind; you can modify your eating habits around a particular food, i.e. cut back on the quantity or how often you indulge; you can use EFT to diffuse […]

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