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Taking Diet Advice from Unknown Experts

October 10, 2009

Tweet There are a lot of rules flying around about what you should or shouldn’t eat and what “they” say is right or wrong. But just who exactly the ones known as “they?” When you say you know you should eat X calories, who says? Where did you get the idea you should do anything, […]

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Best Time to Start a Weight Loss Program?

November 14, 2007

Tweet When is the Right Time to Get Started? Most people start a new “plan” on a Monday. This is to give themselves the chance to get ready, as if they are starting a race. Think instead of starting a new eating plan as beginning a hike or climb – you are going to take […]

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Sunday Blowout Eating Getting Ready for Monday Diet

November 22, 2003

Tweet Typical Weekly Diet Plan Sunday, Anything goes, because I’m starting a diet tomorrow Monday, Diet Tuesday, I think I can do this! Wednesday, It’s almost the weekend. This is easy … Thursday, Uh, okay, but just this once … Friday: Yah! It’s Friday. Let’s live a little Saturday: I’ve been so good all week […]

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