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Diet Candy: Sales are Huge

June 30, 2005

Tweet Think you have a sweet tooth? According to Packaged Foods, diet candy sales reached $495 million in 2004, more than four times the sales in 2000. The major contributing factor appears to be the increasing versatility of many artificial sweeteners, allowing for new combinations of flavor, texture and appearance. Food Production Daily reports that […]

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Sugar Free Sweet Tarts?

February 10, 2005

Tweet At the supermarket, I heard one girl say to another, “Sugar free Sweet Tarts? Now, that’s just wrong!” and they threw them down in disgust. Where will this madness end? Diet candy? Sheesh.

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Diet Candy: Slim Pops Slim Your Wallet too!

April 19, 2004

Tweet Okay, so what happens if you try to lose weight by using a “candy” every time you get a craving for something else? That doesn’t seem too smart to me – how are you going to learn better eating habits by sucking on lollypops all day? These little beauties come in at a reported […]

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